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The primary objective of the CORONA-IS study (CardiOmyocyte injuRy follOwing Acute Ischemic Stroke) is to explore the developmental mechanisms of stroke-associated, acute myocardial damage in an interdisciplinary approach.
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Project Description

Cardiac complications frequently occur in the first few days after an ischaemic stroke and are associated with a poor prognosis. There is increasing evidence that the emergence of these overlapping complications (myocardial damage, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias) are triggered by the stroke itself ("stroke-heart syndrome", podcast). Myocardial damage can be detected particularly early on and with a high degree of sensitivity using cardiac troponin.

The CORONA-IS study is a prospective study investigating structural and functional cardiac changes in patients with and without acute myocardial damage. This includes a cardiovascular MRI, a serial echocardiography, an autonomous cardiac test and extensive laboratory analyses. The aim is to perspectively improve the distinction with an acute coronary syndrome. This is done in close collaboration with the PRAISE study.

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