Understanding Better, Treating Better – The Berlin Stroke Alliance

The Berlin Stroke Alliance (BSA e.V.), a network of stroke care providers in Berlin and adjacent parts of Brandenburg, was founded in 2009 on the initiative of the CSB. The network has two goals:
i) improvement of stroke care and
ii) conduction of patient-oriented research projects.
Its members cover the entire stroke-care-chain, since they include stroke units, rehabilitation facilities and after care providers.

With the Berlin Stroke Alliance, an excellent platform has been established for professional exchange between the different sectors of stroke care. In order to optimize the care chain and to provide qualified treatment for all patients, the members of the Berlin Stroke Alliance have initiated the following work groups in which project managers of the CSB and the BSA-members work together to develop and implement new care concepts.:

  • referral management,
  • quality indicators for the stroke care chain,
  • training,
  • aftercare,
  • social services
  • and - long-term management.

In July 2009 the BSA and the CSB established the Service Point Stroke as their main consulting center.

Further information in German about the BSA can be found on their website www.schlaganfall-allianz.de.

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