About Stroke

Stroke – a Medical Emergency

The occurrence of a stroke is an emergency situation. You have to act immediately without any hesitation or waiting. In many cases, fast action can minimize the consequences of a stroke.


What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when the blood flow in the brain is suddenly disturbed. As a consequence the nerve cells in the brain are starved of oxygen and nutrients, and they die.



The symptoms depend on which part of the brain is affected and how severe the losses are, so the symptoms can be very diverse.



A computed tomography (CT) of the head in the acute phase of stroke can help the physician find out whether the stroke is caused by bleeding or by a vascular occlusion (ischemia).


Acute Therapy

To reduce the damage a stroke causes in the brain and to improve the chances of a complete recovery of brain functions, diagnosis and treatment should start as early as possible.


Risk Factors

In principle, anyone  can suffer a stroke – whether he or she is young or old. Stroke is not a disease that affects only "old people". Every fourth person affected is of working age, an estimated 5% of whom are even younger than 40.



Prevention is the best and safest stroke protection. Living a healthy life can reduce or completely exclude some of the risk factors in advance.

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