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Zwei junge Schlaganfallbetroffene berichten über ihren ganz persönlichen Umgang mit dem Schlaganfall.
Prof. Dr. Meisel informiert über Schlaganfall-Symptome.
Der Servicepunkt Schlaganfall wird vorgestellt.

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Patient Informationen

These pages aim to help patients and their relatives in their search for information on stroke.

What is a stroke – Basic information on stroke

Brain – Stroke – Basic information on stroke

What is a stroke? What are the symptoms? What are the diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke? What about the risk factors and prevention?


Stroke Service Point

Stroke Lecture Series

The Stroke Service Point is the joint information center of the Berlin Stroke Alliance (BSA) and the CSB. It is located on the Charité campus in Berlin Mitte. Here, stroke patients and their families find supports in this difficult situation.


BSA’s Informational Lecture Series

Lecture – Information Series Stroke

The information series (“Inforeihe”, in german) stroke of the Berlin Stroke Alliance (BSA) is intended for patients, their families and everyone who is interested. The aim of the series is to provide information on medical, therapeutic, nursing and social law aspects of stroke care. 


Additional Contact Points

Additional ContView over Berlin – Additional Contact Points Brain Strokeact Points

Contact details and links to other organizations and websites that provide help or information for patients and relatives.


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