CSB Stands for Innovation

The CSB is testing new structures for research that generate synergies and new impulses. Interdisciplinarity and translation – from the laboratory to the treatment bed and visa-versa – are the driving motors for innovation. Care in CSB corresponds to the newest standards in research.

  • The CSB is spanning new bridges between experimental stroke research and clinical research in acute care and rehabilitation. Concepts that began in the laboratory have in the meantime arrived in clinical research: "spreading ischemia", "infection after stroke" and "post-stroke depression". The CSB is developing themes and concepts that are frequently picked up by others, as is the case with altered weight management in connection with stroke and ischemic preconditioning.

  • One example of trying out new concepts and new technologies is the stroke emergency mobile (STEMO): Definitive diagnostics can be performed in the ambulance itself with the help of a special CT. This enables an earlier start of therapy.

  • The cooperation of different professional groups and medical specialties in CSB adds to the value and is a palpable enrichment of the science at CSB.

  • In imaging clinical studies and experimental research are linked tightly together. This research is also being built as a transition from bench to bedside.

  • The CSB MRT is operated in the stroke unit on Benjamin Franklin Campus, offering unique possibilities for imaging studies.

  • In the CSB, network structures like the trial team, and the experimental laboratories for improving research and development have been successfully tested and are now setting new standards.
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