Overall Concept


Through the research we perform, the number of deaths and the severity of disablement in stroke patients is decreasing. We are continuing this research at the highest level and are improving diagnostics, acute treatment and rehabilitation measures. We are integrating everyone involved in the treatment process; we are developing model projects and participate actively involved in their practical realization. Our driving motivation is the patient and the quality of their lives. Our experimental and clinical research is the germinating cell for innovative treatment strategies. We attract the best stroke researchers and give them optimal opportunities for their further development.


  • Our research setup is interdisciplinary and translational. This means that insights won in research are translated from the laboratory to the hospital bed and visa versa. Our experimental research delivers high-value results to expedite development of relevant diagnostic and therapy concepts. We are setting standards.

  • The CSB has initiated the Berlin Stroke Alliance (BSA), a consortium of over 40 stroke care providers in and around Berlin. The purpose: We are improving the situation of the patient from his or her acute therapy through to aftercare. The BSA is THE contact partner for stroke care in Berlin. In the "Stroke Service Point" those affected by stroke and their relations are offered comprehensive aid and support.

  • We are professionalizing academic trial management. The trial team established for this job is THE contact address for scientists, study participants, clinicians and pharmacology companies for all aspects of their stroke studies, whereby our utmost priority is maintaining our own academic independence.

  • The support given to all our team members is multifaceted. Up-and-coming young scientists can participate in the work of the trial team and benefit from our individual mentoring and high-quality support programs.

  • We strive to establish the CSB as a permanent facility of national and international standing.

Characteristic for the CSB are quality, innovation and research spirit.

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