Board of Directors

On February 7th 2017 the CSB members' council has elected a new board of directors. Ulrich Dirnagl handed over his position of CSB Chief Executive Director to Andreas Meisel.

Prof. Andreas Meisel, M.D.

Prof. Andreas Meisel, MD

CSB Chief Executive Director
Charité, Center for Stroke Research Berlin
NeuroCure Clinical Research Center

Lucia Kerti, Ph.D.

Lucia Kerti, Ph.D.

Managing Director
CSB Management
(ex officio-Member of the CSB-Board of Directors)

Prof. Heinrich Audebert, M.D.

Center for Stroke Research Berlin

Prof. Ulrich Dirnagl, M.D.

Charité, Director Dept. of Experimental Neurology
BIH, Founding Director QUEST - Center for Transforming Biomedical Research

Prof. Matthias Endres, M.D.

Charité, Director Dept. of Neurology
Dept. of Neurology (ex officio)

Karl Georg Häusler, M.D.

Karl Georg Häusler, M.D.

Head of Trial Team
Center for Stroke Research Berlin

Prof. Bruno-Marcel Mackert, M.D.

Prof. Bruno-Marcel Mackert, M.D.

Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum
Neurology–Stroke Unit
(Representative of the Berlin Stroke Alliance)

Axel Radlach Pries

Prof. Axel Radlach Pries, M.D.

Dean of the Faculty
(ex officio member)

Bob Siegerink

Bob Siegerink, Ph.D.

Charité, Center for Stroke Research Berlin
Head of Clinical Epidemiology (ex officio)

According to the CSB's statutes, the Managing Director, the Head of Trial Team, and the Head of Clinical Epidemiology are consultative nonvoting members of the Board of Directors. But Head of Trial Team Karl Georg Häusler is currently an elected (voting) board member.

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