Orbituary on Dr. med. Christoph Drenckhahn

Dr. med. Christoph Drenckhahn

*20.03.1975 †27.12.2018

We mourn our dear and esteemed colleague, Dr. med. Christoph Drenckhahn, who died unexpectedly and suddenly, much too early.

Christoph spent most of his career at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin - from 2002 to 2015 as a scientific physician at the Clinic for Neurology with Experimental Neurology and in the Translational Stroke Research Group of the Center for Stroke Research Berlin. He studied medicine from 1995 to 2002 at the Universities of Halle and Leipzig. In his doctoral thesis, which he completed at the Medical Faculty of the University of Leipzig, he dealt with genetic and neuropathological aspects of a rare congenital metabolic disease of the muscle. After successfully completing his medical studies, he began his work at our clinic, which was associated with a reorientation of his scientific interests and focused on translational research into stroke. Today we know that spreading depolarization waves in the brain occur during human strokes and are clinically highly relevant. Christoph has contributed significantly to this knowledge through his studies of electrography and near-infrared spectroscopy within the framework of the Co-Operative Studies on Brain Injury Depolarizations (www.cosbid.org). Christoph made his most important contribution in 2012: the first proof that depolarization waves can also be identified in humans using a non-invasive method. The widely acclaimed work was published in 'Brain', one of the leading international scientific journals. Christoph was also instrumental in setting up and conducting the largest clinical study to date on the significance of depolarization waves, the DISCHARGE-1 study (Depolarizations in ISCHaemia after subARachnoid haemorrhaGE-1). In particular, he has dealt with the broad spectrum of neurological and internal intensive care complications of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, one of the most insidious diseases in neurology. This also reflected his great interest in neurology and especially in neurological intensive care medicine. Christoph was able to combine his scientific curiosity with the clinical routine in a very meaningful way. He was an outstanding clinician and a straightforward, intelligent and empathetic physician who was always there for his patients. As a colleague, he was highly regarded not only professionally but also personally by all his colleagues because of his professional competence, his reliability, his fine humor and refreshing pragmatism, his balancing nature and his constant helpfulness. His Moin Moin stood for his optimistic and hands-on way of life. For many years, Christoph was a supporting pillar, especially in the neurological intensive care unit of our clinic. In 2015, he moved to the Neurological Center of the Bad Segeberg Clinic as senior physician. He continued his research at the Charité. With Christoph, we lose a highly esteemed colleague and dear friend who has left a lasting impression on science and has rendered outstanding services to our facilities. Despite his outstanding scientific and clinical commitment, Christoph's family came first. As a colleague, friend, partner and father, Christoph was an extraordinary person. All the more serious is his loss. All our sympathy goes to his family, in particular his two children, his wife Anja and his parents and both siblings.

We are deeply sad and stunned that he had to leave us so early. You will always remain unforgotten for us, Christoph.

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