Professor Heinrich Audebert, M.D.

Research Group Audebert

Professor Heinrich Audebert, M.D.
Charité, Center for Stroke Research Berlin
Neurology with a focus on stroke


The Audebert research group has a focus on telemedicine. After projects like Tempis (in Bavaria) and StrokeNet, the Stroke mobile (STEMO) is in use since 2011.

List of Publications / Charité Research Data Base


Principal Investigators

  • Prof. Dr. med. Heinrich A. Audebert, MD (Project Leader)
  • PD Dr. med. Dr. phil. Martin Ebinger, MD (Vice Project Leader and Executive Emergency Physician)  

Emergency Physicians/Neurologists

  • Dr. med. Alexander Kunz, MD
  • Frederik Geisler, MD
  • Michal Rozanski, MD
  • Carolin Waldschmidt, MD
  • Dr. med. Joachim Weber, MD
  • Dr. med. Matthias Wendt, MD
  • Dr. med. Benjamin Winter, MD
  • Dr. med. Katja Zieschang, MD  


  • Sandra Nagel
  • Niclas Nelke
  • Daniel Schremmer
  • Florian Stoetzer  

Computed Tomography-Technical Assistants  

  • Tadeh Akopi
  • Rouven Hopp
  • Joris Niedtfeld
  • Medschid Wesirow  

Cooperations and Research Partners

  • Berliner Feuerwehr (Berlin Fire Brigade)
  • MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme
  • BRAHMS GmbH (Thermo-Fisher Scientific)
  • CSB (Center for Stroke Research Berlin)
  • Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems Healthcare)
  • Roche Diagnostics


  • Technology-Foundation Berlin (TSB)
  • Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)
  • With co-funding by the EU within the European Fonds for regional Development (EFRE)

Most important project

Protect brain

STEMO - Stroke Emergency Mobile

The STroke Emergency MObile (STEMO), a specialized ambulance vehicle, equipped with a computed tomography (CT) scanner, point of care laboratory devices and staffed with a trained team of specialists in acute stroke care (one neurologist, one paramedic and one radiology assistant) is available for prehospital thrombolysis of patients with acute ischemic stroke in Berlin, Germany.

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